Monday, April 16, 2012

What's blooming - spring flower overload

 One of my most recent photography practice sessions yielded more images of spring flowers.  What else, but more spring blooms!

I especially loved the look of these blooms as they are starting to open.  The contrast between the buds, partially open blooms and then the fully opened blooms is so very striking.

We are also a big fan of the purple clementis.  The pink version by our garden gets all of the attention in early spring, but the purple clementis plants near the front of the house have more longevity with blooms at different points in the growing season.  They also put on a really good show.

And, purple is my favorite color.

This particular plant provides a screen for our garbage cans.  I am so thankful for a pretty and practical solution for the necessary, but not attractive part of the yard.

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