Friday, April 27, 2012


I did something really old-fashioned - I bought a cd.

We purchase most of our music on iTunes and it has been at least a year since I bought a cd.  It's funny to think that 15 years ago, I subscribed to a mail order cd service.  Did anyone else join those clubs where you ordered your cd's by pasting stamps that were tiny versions of the album covers on the order form?

I was moved to make this latest music purchase, not because I was feeling nostalgic for holding an actual item that represented my music purchase.  Rather, it was because the music was playing in the background of my favorite home decor store in Topeka - Soho Interiors.  This is one of those stores where I can spend time browsing and feel like I still see new things with each walk through.  I discovered them last year after purchasing a - everyone say it with me - groupon.  (My husband is preparing to tease me right now; he loves to tease me about being frugal.)

While I was shopping, I kept think that the music sounded like some of my favorites - Mumford and Sons and Ray Lamontagne kept coming to mind.  I really liked what I heard.

The album was at the front counter and when I went to check out, I fell for the oldest trick in the book - an impulse buy at the point of purchase.  I haven't regretted this one!

I especially loved hearing from the woman helping me.  Brett is her brother!  I enjoyed talking about his career and the album with her.  That personal connection really made the purchase more meaningful.

I love this album for many things.  The cd itself looks like a mini-LP.  It looks super cool when you open the case and I totally dig how it looks nothing like a shiny silver disc.

The music is great.  I could listen to it all day.  The music has a folk sound and is kind of blues-y.  I think when I looked it up, it was called alternative folk.

And, the album art just screams "Kansas" to me.  The old white farmhouse and the great porch.  A guy, a chair, and a's just so elegant.  The bare tree branches are such a great touch.

Check out this album.  We all need some new music for our busy spring.

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