Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gift of Jenkins School photos

 We live in a renovated limestone schoolhouse called the Old Jenkins School.  Several months ago, a local family gave us some photos from the 1940's when the father was a student at the Jenkins School.  We had these images custom framed and it has turned into a favorite conversation piece when we have visitors.

We learned that the family had some more photos to share and we were so very thankful to see more images of our home when it was a school.

The really fascinating part of these photos is to see the personality of the students.  One photo from the fall of 1947 has the names of the students written on the back.  This particular picture has a girl in a head scarf who is laughing hysterically.  She is the second from the left on the front row and the back of the photo says her name is Ila Mae.  All six boys look like they are very ornery.

These photos are such a treasure!

Can't wait to incorporate these photos into our home.

I love Ila Mae's spirit!

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