Sunday, April 8, 2012

Garden dream realized

 We planted a clementis in our backyard near the garden several years ago.  It was all part of a larger plan.

My in laws bought us a school bell and my husband installed it on a post near the garden fence.  I had this vision for a clementis to climb the post and offer some showy blooms and greenery to camouflage the post.  The bell would be at the same time a nod to the fact that we live in an old school house and the focal point for this flower bed.

It took a couple of years, but we now have a consistent early spring show of these pink and white with yellow center blooms.  We watch this plant with great anticipation.  It is usually loaded with blooms and then we wait for them to bust open.

This year, we had some rain that kept us out of garden for any time beyond getting basic chores finished.

Once the rain cleared, I saw we had blooms and ran out with my camera.

 As you walk into the garden from the south facing gate, you get to see the most blooms.
 Love the coloring!
 Just a couple more pictures...
 Love these blooms!
The moon was on the rise on the night I snapped these pictures.  Loved the big moon rising over our favorite hill.

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