Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paper artist - Ursula Dunnewind

Ursula Dunnewind's work was on display on our campus during the fall semester. Like so many things on my list, buying her work before the end of the exhibit was not accomplished. I asked my friend how to contact the artist and was successful in reaching her at her home.

She graciously invited my husband and I to stop by and view her work. We were rewarded with great conversation and the chance to learn about her craft. Ursula is a delightful person and we enjoyed sharing ideas about education and learning about her life.

We purchased some her pieces to give as gifts and one series of four delicate plant silhouettes. Can you believe that she uses only small scissors and a needle to do this intricate work?

Friday, we got a beautiful card from Ursula. The photo was so appealing because of the spring flowers and her words were so sweet. What a wonderful, talented woman artist.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I have an obsession.

Confession: I love stationery. Give me cards of all sizes and shapes. I buy them. I make them. I try to send them, but should send more cards to more people since there are few pick me ups better than getting a handwritten card from someone you love. Every once in awhile I take out all of my cards and reorganize them and in the process remember what I have and admire the colors and designs.

Here are some of my favorites from today's reorganization.

I made these and you can tell I was experimenting with the scalloped circle punch. I tried to use only scrap paper to decorate the plain cardstock cards. I even used the sleeve for a coffee cup because of the great texture and lovely brown color.

These cards are a take off on the old Polaroid photos. The card itself looks like a Polaroid and the envelopes are a great light grey/putty color and have the Polaroid silhouette. Fun and funky subjects make these cards unique. I found them at Acme Gift in Aggieville (Manhattan, KS).
This set is packaged so lovely. The theme is typesetting and the letter and number fonts are beautiful to view. The envelopes are just as awesome at the postcard style cards. Also a find from Acme Gift in Aggieville (Manhattan, KS).

These adorable business card sized cards are all about luck with a lucky symbol embossed in gold on the top of each. The four leaf clover is my favorite, ok - maybe it is the wishbone.

Too cute!

My dear friend Susan gave me this lovely clutch for Christmas. I love, love, love everything about it! The rosette, the fabric, and the size are all perfect. I think she found this in Texas. Can you tell I think she has be best taste? Thank you, Susan!