Monday, April 2, 2012

Plant geek: what's blooming

 We enjoyed another great weekend in the yard and garden!  I took advantage of the time outside to take note of what was blooming.

I am trying to be more mindful of the "seasons" in the garden and yard.  Too often, I rush through the days and time outside is about checking things off a list instead of really enjoying the results of our hard work.

Long ago I read about a woman who would take a glass of wine outside and conduct a nightly garden walk to take note of the beauty and to also make plans for future work.  It all seemed so much more relaxed and enjoyable than my running around!

So, this weekend, the beautiful light pink tulips bloomed.  These are near the front of the house and right in front of the clementis that grows on an old gate.

It's no secret that the lilacs are in full bloom in Kansas!  The old-fashioned variety we have on the east side of the house is slowly coming to life.  I love the blossoms - a few fully open and others on their way.

This is my surprise for the spring!  On Saturday, we took off for a quick errand and I looked right out of our driveway and was so excited to see the lilac in the front of the house near the road was actually blooming.

We bought this plant as a stick from a mail order catalog.  We have babied it along for years and around two years ago, we started the serious debate of whether we should leave it alone or dig it up.  It had stalled out - little growth and never any blooms.  We decided to leave it alone and see what happens.

This year, it won us over with these sweet smelling and lovely pure white blooms.  Love it!

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