Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kitchen organization, thinking about storage

 Since the last few weekends have included more time in the kitchen, I have started to spend more minutes rummaging through the cabinets and taking inventory of ingredients.  In the process, I have discovered some things long past their expiration and learned some of the supplies we have on hand gets lost in the shuffle.

This is a little thing, but the baking cups for muffins and cupcakes were all over.  After reading a magazine article in Where Women Cook that encouraged the use of canning jars for storage and talked about using less plastic everything (plastic wrap, sandwich bags, storage containers, etc.).

I got inspired to use a wide-mouth canning jar to stack up all of the baking cups.  I think it will help keep them all together and in better condition.
 The jar helps use more vertical space instead of having four or five different packages spread all around.
Plus, the jar gives you the chance to show off the colors and patterns - pretty and practical!

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