Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kansas Day

Tuesday was Kansas Day, our state's 152nd birthday.

I am not aware of another state that makes a big thing out of their state's birthday.  It seems like this is another unique characteristic of Kansans.  We are all sort of bound together by many things, and one of which is that each January, we tell everyone that our state was founded 150 plus years ago.  And, we do so with a lot of pride.

One of my friends posted the following quote on Facebook.  I love it.  It speaks to this indescribable love of a landscape - the prairie - and a place - Kansas.

You can never really escape. It goes with you, wherever you go. Somehow, the prairie dust gets in your blood, and it flows through your veins until it becomes a part of you. The vast stretches of empty fields, the flat horizons of treeless plains. The simplicity of the people—good, earnest people. The way they talk and the way they live. The lack of occurrence, lack of attention, lack of everything. All that—it’s etched into your soul and it colors the way you see everything and it becomes a part of you.

- P.S. Baber

Here are some views of our beautiful state.

 This photo was taken near Living Water Ranch, north of Manhattan.
 We love this little piece of land just west of our home.  We have tried to purchase it a couple of times, but it just hasn't worked out.  Someday.
 Directly across the road from our home is this lovely little creek.
 Another view of the land west of our home.
This road is several miles west of our home.  While my husband has run it several times, I first discovered it on a very long walk we took about two years ago.  This picture makes me long for spring.

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