Friday, February 1, 2013

My husband the artist

 My husband is a really creative guy.

He was super tolerant when my mom and I took him along on some shopping between basketball games a couple of weekends ago.  He actually spotted Studio 11 and that turned out to be one of my new favorite stores.

He really liked some of the items in the store, too.  They must have really inspired him because the next day, he told me that we needed to make something.

I directed him to my projects board on Pinterest and pointed out a few things that I thought might be possible because we had the supplies.

Well, my husband is a pretty amazing guy, and take a look at what he created.
 A whole series of these signs.  We had to go to town to get more colors of paint.
 And, a different take on the love design.  He asked me for some other four-letter words.  He wondered who might buy some of the signs with the lettering I suggested, but at least it was good for a laugh.
 He made this for a friend to give away as a wedding gift.  Cute, right?
 And, then, he did a whole series of upcycled belts made into crosses and stars.
Some of the belts we were upcycling had awesome buckles, and that led to crosses with some bling.

I have never had more fun than digging through the belts at Goodwill with my husband.  I think that qualifies as a weird, but cheap date.

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Home on the Range Exchange said...

LOVE, love, LoVe it! Those items are also on one of my boards, but haven't gotten around to do it. I really should open a shop, and you two could sell those there :)