Monday, January 21, 2013

Where Women Create - February/March issue

 It is no secret that when a new issue of Where Women Create drops in my mailbox, I wait to read it until I can savor every article and photo.  I take the issues in page by page and enjoy every second.  No issue has disappointed!

The latest magazine came at the end of last week and I was anxiously anticipating the three day weekend because I was sure I could find time to do some reading.

There are a lot of great artists profiled in this issue.  I am especially fond of some of the quotes offered for inspiration.

"To love what you do and feel that it could anything be more fun?"  - Katherine Graham

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." - Twyla Tharp
 The photography is amazing!  The table of contents always shows off some of the best images and gives you a preview of what to expect.

Side note:  I am someone who reads a magazine from cover to cover, beginning on the first page and going through to the end.  I used to think this was the only way to read.  Later, I met friends who (prepare yourself) skip around from article to article (gasp!).  What is your preference?
 The feature on Jenni Bowlin Studio is fantastic!  I think Jenni and I could be good friends.  I have come to this conclusion because everything in the photos looks like something I would buy or collect or scavenge at a tag sale/flea market/auction.

And, her favorite quote is actually lyrics from The Avett Brothers, some of my favorite music of the moment.

There was a dream.
One day I could see it. 
Like a bird in a cage 
I broke in and demanded
that somebody free it.
 Do you see those little wooden drawers and the skeleton keys on the pin board?...the wooden boxes and crates?  Sigh.  I could spend all day going through her inventory.
The vintage cabinet with wire baskets on top - love!  Star garland on the child mannequin - precious!  The old door with faded paint - stunning!  

Check out her website and blog.  And, catch the latest issue of Where Women Create.

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