Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The good reads continue

The new year has started with some great issues of some of my favorite magazines.  The latest issue of Garden and Gun is full of things I love - music, food, great photography, profiles of craftsmen and artists, and great writing.

I have always felt a little like an imposture as a subscriber to this magazine.  Though I don't live in the South, there is something about this magazine that really hits home.  I originally bought an issue because it caught my eye and since that first issue, I have fallen in love with it month after month.

This version brought me a lot of inspiration - new music to download, restaurants to try in Chicago (since this isn't a Southern city, that might be my biggest surprise), and a heartwarming article about a family and their dog.
Meet Holly Williams, daughter of Hank Williams, Jr.  She is from country music royalty with a great voice.   You can sample her music here.
 Connie Britton is the star of one of my new favorite shows, Nashville.  I love her in her role as Rayna James and was excited to read her interview in this issue.  Isn't she's gorgeous at 45? An inspiration! 
 I knew nothing about the giant wooden trays used to serve a barbecued whole hog.  The story of this barber who crafts these trays on the side is really neat.  I love these.  I have absolutely no use for one because I have no future plans to barbecue a whole hog, but if I did, I would want to serve it on one of these beautiful trays.
 I want to tell all my friends in DC to seek out this couple, become their friends, and then invite me for a visit.    That's not weird, right?  The article is about their renovation of an old carriage house.  Their passion for preserving history and creating a great space for entertaining is inspiring.
Eight pages on Chicago!  I can't wait to seek out some of their recommendations from Chicago's Southern Soul.

What a beautiful issue!  Pick up your copy.

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