Friday, January 4, 2013

Where Women Create Business

 Where Women Create Business is another great magazine from Jo Packham.

Similar to Where Women Create and Where Women Cook, this magazine celebrates women entrepreneurs, crafters, and artists who are making a living doing what they love.

As with the other magazines in this publishing family, I love the photography!  The women and their business that are profiled are inspiring.  The advice for business owners is wise and based on experience.  It was definitely worth the read.

Enjoy this example of one article featuring Design Lab, a beautiful store in Mesa, Arizona.
I love the alphabet wall.  And, did you see the saying on the wall in on the left page?

because life is an experiment

Check out the wall of pillows on the right page.  Love them!
The left page shows their gift basket materials - cool totes, caddies and bins.

  I really like so many things featured on the shelves, including the pins or juggling clubs on the top shelf. Check out the cards in the photo on the left page.

And, this awesomeness is repeated throughout the whole magazine!  I hope you have the chance to enjoy a copy of your own.

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