Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Great read on faith

I really love a good book.  And, I know it is a good book when it makes me laugh and cry and nod my head in agreement.  I also know it is a good book when I make my husband listen to me read aloud sections.  If it is especially good, I get his attention, hand over the book and tell him where to begin reading because I am too choked up to read it aloud.

While reading Help. Thanks. Wow., I experienced all of the above.  I even told my husband, "I am going to make you love this writer."  It must have worked because he read the book as soon as I was finished.

Anne Lamott has been a favorite author of mine since I read Bird by Bird and Traveling Mercies when I was in college.  These two books were life changing for me.  I shared them with a friend and they have yet to be returned, so I guess she feels the same way.  (By the way, if you are reading this and you are THAT friend, no hard feelings.  Just return the books.  No questions asked.  Or, keep them.  They really are that good.)

So, the book.  Help. Thanks. Wow. outlines three prayers that are the cornerstone of all prayer.  Regardless of your version of God or your relationship with God or membership with a church (or not) or belief system of any form or fashion, these three prayers cover it all.  When I think about it, every prayer I have ever prayed is indeed some more complicated version of one of these three words.

I love reading perspectives from a person who has faith, but recognizes that there is no certainty. There is a warmth and realness in the writing.  As you read, you feel comfort in knowing that someone else wrestles with the same challenges, joys and frustrations of life and faith.

If there ever was a famous person that I wished to be my friend, or cool aunt, or second mom, it's Anne Lamott.

At the beginning of the year, this was the perfect compliment to my planning and reflection.  It provided great inspiration for the coming year.

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