Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grown up field trip

I work on a beautiful college campus and have a really strong affinity for my place of work.  I am so fortunate to work for my alma mater which is twice the treat.  All of that said, I think there is something special about every college campus.

Some colleagues and I recently traveled to Indiana University in Bloomington for a site visit.  We were familiar with some of their programs, and while their campus culture and make up is different than our own, we could learn from them.
Side note:  I forgot my camera!  These pictures are from my phone and all things considered, the quality is not terrible.

The IU campus is gorgeous!  The first thing that you notice is all of the towering, established trees.  You feel like you are walking in a magical forest with these beautiful stone buildings nestled in around the sidewalks.

This little structure was one of my favorite stops on the tour.  Our guide told us that the legend is that a female student became a true "co-ed" when she kissed her sweetheart at this spot at midnight.  She would then have to race back to the residence hall where the dean of women would have to let her in after curfew.  And, everyone would know where she had been.

The weather was beautiful while we were there. Crisp mornings warmed up nicely by afternoon and while we needed a jacket, we were not freezing cold.

Near the student union (which is huge and houses the hotel where we stayed), there is a small chapel.  This is also a magical little place that our tour guide said is very busy during wedding season and finals week.  (I guess students in Indiana count on divine intervention at the end of the semester, too.)

The cemetery of the family who donated the land for the university rests next to the chapel.  It was an unusual sight to see the grave stones and rustic rock wall surrounding them with students trudging by between classes.

We traveled into and out of Indianapolis right before they hosted the Super Bowl. It was really neat to see all of the promotions and hoopla around the big event.  We saw a few famous people and a few who might have been famous because of the entourage, but they must not be performing for my demographic!

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