Friday, February 10, 2012

29 gifts: day thirteen

Today's gift was helping a stranger in need at the airport ticket counter.  A week or so ago, I was traveling for work and was the first in our group of five to arrive at the airport.  It was a cold morning and VERY early.  My husband had agreed to drop me off and in our effort to try to fit in as much as possible, we dropped off his truck for some repairs and switched vehicles on the way.  It was hectic and I was feeling disorganized.

Anyway, back to the helping.  I was people watching in the airport waiting area.  Our little regional airport hosts a great deal of traffic, so the terminal was crowded and people were coming and going preparing for the two outgoing flights that morning.

A young woman was at the ticket counter with two huge bags.  The agent was talking to her and then the woman seemed to get really upset and walk away.  She was on her phone and pacing.  My colleague leaned over and said that the lady didn't have the money to check her two bags.

I watched for a few minutes before grabbing my wallet and offering to pay.  The ticket agent and the woman were both really surprised.  I spent $60 to get the woman out of a jam and still feel like a million bucks for helping. Who hasn't been in a similar situation?  Have you ever gotten to the check out at the grocery store and realized your wallet was in your car?  How about not having any change for the parking meter?

The woman was so thankful.  We hugged and she said thanks.  When we got off the plane, she thanked me again.  What a good way to begin a trip!

I think that might have been the best $60 I have ever spent.

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