Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another hike

Last summer, we had a beautiful, mild evening.  The moon was staying low over the hill behind our house and I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures.  You might know that I am a little in love with the view behind our house.  Regardless of season, the hill presents lovely color and a feeling of being protected down in our little valley.

At the bottom of the hill is a small creek that runs along the base and then cuts back west and goes under the county road on the east side of our house.

Our neighbors own this property and have given us an open invitation to walk around and enjoy it.  We might have the best neighbors on earth!  They love the outdoors and are really kind and generous.

My husband and I both had the MLK holiday off and decided that though it was cool and overcast, a walk outside would be our workout for the day.  I was really excited to skip a session on the treadmill.

My husband had recently found a way to cross the creek and climb the hill to check out the view.  He promised that he could get me across the creek and I would not have to walk with wet boots the rest of the way.  His solution was to carry me through the creek!

He also warned me that I would have to climb up a steep hill using tree roots for footing and to pull myself up.  Hmmm..., but the view would be worth it!
He was right.

The view looking further east from the top of the hill made us feel like we were the only people for miles.

The dogs loved the adventure!

This is the view from the hill looking east. Can you find our house?

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