Sunday, March 18, 2012

Old barn, a favorite thing

This old barn has been a landmark on the drive from Wamego to St. Marys for as long as I can remember. Several months ago, we noticed that the roof had caved in and the entire structure was leaning to the east.  I had been meaning to bring a camera each time we drove that way, but always forgot.  I finally remembered a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday that had me bound for Kansas City for work.  Imagine we standing in the ditch in my suit, camera in hand, with the spring Kansas wind whipping around me...quite a site, I'm sure!

These old barns are so special to me as I regard them with equal amounts of awe and regret.  The form and function of old barns is really amazing, especially when you think of when they were likely built and the necessity of the barn for any farming operation.  I feel sad that the structure wasn't preserved and that it will likely slowly fall to further ruin until it is either flattened by gravity (or gravity and a strong Kansas wind) or someone tears it/knocks it down.

Old barns, old farmsteads, old school houses and old churches...some of my favorite things.

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