Friday, March 23, 2012

Garden and Gun magazine - a favorite!

Garden and Gun has moved into the top spot for my favorite magazines.  I have posted about my affinity for the photography, subject matter and writing.  I am just a little deeper in love.

Last night, I read the most recent issue (April/May 2012) and found myself reading some passages out loud to my husband and even laughing out loud at a couple of articles.  The photography still blows me away.

In every issue, I always learn so much.  For example, I didn't know that the actress Sissy Spacek was so beautiful and cool.  She was featured in an interview by Allison Glock and here are a couple of quotes.

"You become who you are and you realize, I'll never be a ballerina or a great chef.  We are, as my mother said, a product of our choices.  The world would be better if we taught our children those types of things.  Not how to wipe your mouth with a napkin so much as how to become someone worthwhile."

"My roots allow me to let go of the fear of failure."

Reading her interview makes me want to be her friend and go hang out at her Virginia farm.  The article presents her as wise and cool and inspiring.

I am also a huge fan of the music Garden and Gun profiles.  One of my new favorite groups, Alabama Shakes is featured in this awesome article by Matt Hendrickson.  I am really bad at describing music, so you can go to the Garden and Gun website and listen.

Band member Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes said this in the article about their recent success, "We're just normal folks doing something as fun as s___."  I love, love, love the spunk and passion and seeing people do something really well and having fun at the same time.

Matt Jones, ceramist from the Appalachian foothills, was the subject of an article by Charlie Geer.  Love the photography of Matt at work and also seeing the finished art - very cool stuff!  He had some great quotes, too.

"The onslaught of industry has put cheap, largely impersonal objects into our hands.  I want something ragged and soulful."

"I look at the objects people once surrounded themselves with.  All of it was handmade and useful, sometimes humble, but deeply beautiful and real.  I want my pots to honor that - the spirit of those who preceded us."

And, you can't help but feel a little emotional tug when you read about Bob Timberlake's collection of canoes.  He is a North Carolina artist and furniture designer with this amazing collection and he's profiled by T. Edward Nickens.  While I am not that into water or boats, I was really moved by his passion for collecting and the story.  Enjoy this quote about the "realness" of his boats.

"Let me tell you what I love about these old boats.  I look for character, and a sense of worn-ness and used-ness in an old canoe.  I don't like the one's that look perfect.  The flaking paint and yellowed varnish - all of that is just part of a canoe's story, and I guess I like the stories as much as I love the boats themselves."

Some of my reading on creativity has promoted the practice of buying magazines that are different that your usual tastes.  When I first subscribed to Garden and Gun  I really thought that it could go either way - hit or miss.  It would very likely be something that was just outside of my usually reading and might have an idea or two or a little piece of inspiration.  I am so pleasantly surprised to find that there is more that just a little that inspires me in every issue.

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