Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby gifts

Two dear friends are expecting.  Actually, a whole bunch of my dear friends are expecting and due this spring or summer.  Two of them just happen to work in the same place and we being honored with a baby shower today.

The food was delicious, the mothers-to-be radiant, and the gifts adorable.

My gift was two part - these really great art cards from Wee Gallery and a donation to honor each family with Heifer International.  The art cards were a discovery at Soho Interiors and I blogged about them last August.  Love, love, love these bold designs.  I also liked giving the animal themed cards to the moms-to-be and knowing that some other family around the world will get a gift of animals through Heifer International.

I also really loved this gift wrap combination.  It is a classic - the gold wrapping with an elegant pattern picked up at a garage sale, new and still in the packaging from the store.  The black and white ribbon is from Hallmark and has a great texture.

Truthfully, it looked a little stuffy next to all the bright and springy bags and wrapping at the shower.  Oh, well!

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anky said...

Your idea is great for gifting and in my opinion choosing gift for babies is a very difficult task because they always want something special from you and if its not of their choice then it will become difficult to handle them.