Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vintage finds: fall studio tour

Fall is our favorite season.  Though, I also make a strong case for loving spring, especially after a long Kansas winter.  Come to think of it, decorating for the winter holidays is also pretty spectacular. Perhaps I should just say that currently, fall is my favorite season. We will leave it at that.

We have had a ton of fun displaying items at the studio.  When we unpacked from the Kansas Barn Sale, we also found a few more treasures that we had forgotten to take with us for the show.  This means that we have some great pieces at the studio and some that we have been trying to incorporate in our booth spaces.

I am loving some these pieces and am constantly engaging in the "keep or sell" debate.
 We purchased our pumpkins from a student at our local high school.  I love some of the unusual colors and shapes.  The smaller pumpkins are super cute!
 The large pumpkins are made from the same materials as brooms - unusual and lovely.  They make great anchors for displays or center pieces.
 These photos are from a couple of weeks ago...a few of the things have already sold. The signs have also turned over after the Pumpkin Patch and my favorite sign maker is restocking with a goal of four new signs a day!

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