Friday, October 3, 2014

Preview of the Kansas Barn Sale

 We are preparing for our second time as an vendor at the Kansas Barn Sale near Hesston.

The weather forecast is perfect.  The site is incredible.  The shopping is spectacular and we meet the nicest people and reconnect with old friends.

Here are a few photos as a preview to Saturday's sale.

The barn is the centerpiece to the show and all around it you will find vendors with as much vintage, antique, handmade, unique and fall themed items as you can possibly see.
You will know you found the place when you see the old pickup at the edge of the drive.
 The barn looks especially magical at night.  If you have the chance, go to the Emma Creek Barn page to see the venue in action for weddings and other events.
 I do enjoy the rustic and western vibe.  Even the doors to the restrooms look cool.
Here is a preview of our space...first the bare bones structure pieces...
 We had a terrible time trying to make the slope in our space work.  We have a pretty steep rise from the front to the back and it made for a bit of a challenge to keep things level.
 Some doors waiting for signs.  I really need the two captains chairs with chippy paint to go to good homes.  I love was a tough keep or sell decision.
 This is the ugly before the pretty.  We had to lay out a lot of things to get an idea of what we had packed.  So much good stuff!
 More foundation pieces...waiting for all of the smalls.
 I have been having a lot of fun with the wine barrel ring spheres, antlers and pumpkins.
 This might be my favorite arrangement with some hydrangeas from our yard.  The little basket with the plums label...another tough decision for keep or sell.
 Things are starting to come together!  More work tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, but it truly is the best part - putting the finishing touches on everything.
This photo isn't from our booth, but I thought it was the perfect example of everything I love about this show - vintage, chippy, character and FALL!

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