Saturday, October 25, 2014

Plant geek: O'Hare Urban Garden

  I made it to the airport with plenty of time for my return trip home.  The extra breathing room gave me a few minutes to check out one of my favorite places at Chicago O'Hare - the urban garden near gate G.

It was super early, but really full of passengers.  It makes me think that the secret is out.  It's a quiet place to work, though the chairs are not super comfortable and the one outlet I could find was not working.  (In the traveler's world, electric power is everything.  People scout out and guard outlets like they are gold.)

It was fun to see the growing tubes and all of the different varieties of herbs and greens.
 If you are toward G, just look up for the signs and you may even be able to see the plants. There is seating all around the outside of the garden.
I am really fascinated by how they set up the growing structures.
 The signage tells explains that they use the plants in some of the airport restaurants.
I found a place to set up and work and was enjoying the quiet and relative dark space.  And, then, the lights came on! 

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