Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kansas Barn Sale Recap

 We are celebrating the end of a fantastic day at the Kansas Barn Sale.

The day began a little on the cold side.  I was confident that I had packed plenty of layers, but not confident that any of them actually went together.  Most of the day, my mom and husband had to answer my question - "Do I look normal?"  I asked a lot because as the day warmed up, I kept peeling off layers and I was constantly worried that in losing a layer, I began to look more uncoordinated.

We stayed overnight with friends who live about 30 miles away from Hesston.  Our morning began pretty early and we enjoyed a quick ride to the show.

As we started to unpack the truck, we were witness to a beautiful sunrise.  It was one of those mornings where it seemed like the sky was on a dimmer switch.
 We had a great view of the sunrise and before we knew it, it was show time!
There were so many people who attended the show!  The line to go through the gate was unbelievable.
 We had a lot of fun putting everything together.  We have been collecting things for this show for an entire year.
 My husband has been creating so many cool new signs.
 We had several things that we hoped would find good homes, including this great bench.  (Mission accomplished, though it did hitch a ride back home with us for a delivery.)
 The wine ring spheres were by far one of our most popular items.  I loved this because my dad  helped us put them together.
 We had little sections  - a display of sewing items and a display of cooking items.
 I was so happy that both of the big welcome signs went home with someone.
 I am a big fan of fall displays and those what we threw together with the wine ring spheres and pumpkins were some of my favorites.
 The chicken waters with the star designs drilled into them were some of my favorite.
I have to admit that there is this moment just before the show begins that I am in love with our display.  We have worked so hard and have things just how we want them...and then things get chaotic. My husband gets a huge kick out of watching my compulsion for resetting things.

When it was all said and done, we had a great day.  My favorite thing is reconnecting with some of our old friends.  We have so many great people who love junking and handmade items as much as us.

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