Sunday, June 8, 2014

Feast of the Fields

 We enjoyed a fantastic evening at Feast of the Fields, a farm to fork event held near our home.  We had heard about the program for a few years, but always had a work conflict.  This year, the schedules worked out perfectly and we were able to enjoy the evening.

The menu featured Kansas products - foods and wine - deliciously selected and prepared by a local chef.

We enjoyed a cocktail hour with appetizers and wine.  We then were seated at long tables to experience a four course meal. People came from everywhere.  We were seated by people we knew, someone from Indiana and couples from Kansas City.
 The chicken coop, lean-to and barn were all limestone. This building was the old chicken coop.  We loved the metal work on the barn door and the violas in the window.
 The large limestone barn was the site of the dinner and we waited to be seated just outside.  Before dinner, we enjoyed the beautiful weather - cool and low humidity - with Kansas wine, appetizers and music from a trio.
 The little touches all around the barn ranged from rustic to...
 The sunset shining through the barn door was magical.

Overall, we had a great night with wonderful conversation and out of this world food.  I would highly recommend attending this annual event.

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