Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The sacred ordinary

 I was driving home from work and a radio show mentioned "the sacred ordinary."  This phrase stuck with me.  It was so fitting for where we are right now - feeling blessed and challenged in the most excellent kinds of ways.

Even though we are doing so much, we have been really intentional about spending quality time together doing things we love.  We are also loving the cooler temperatures and the rain which means any outside work has been so much more enjoyable.

We have enjoyed the blue skies and these awesome puffy clouds.  They seem really magical, especially since in a typical June we are seeing the temperatures climb.  Not this year - it has been beautiful!

These clouds, the weather, our green grass, rain, and our growing garden - some of the many ordinary, but sacred things I am celebrating.
 Don't tell my husband that I love this collection of old doors that he has temporarily placed against our chicken coop.  I think it makes a great backdrop - for what, I don't know. (But, if any photographers have a need for some old doors, I know a guy!)

These vintage, chippy, perfectly imperfect doors - one of many ordinary, but sacred things I am celebrating.
This might be my favorite plant that we have blooming right now.  These hollyhocks are south of our garage and continue to come back each year.  I ordered them from a catalog because I loved the deep purple, almost black color of the blooms.  I am also a big fan of this plant because it seems so old fashioned.

These hollyhocks  - one of many ordinary, but sacred things I am celebrating.

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