Monday, May 19, 2014

Oregon adventures: last one, I promise

On our last full day in Oregon, we wanted to enjoy more of the city.  We ventured down to Old Town to try out Voodoo Doughnuts and also catch the Saturday Market.

We were blown away by the trees that were in full bloom along the walkway.  It was a busy space with people out walking, running and biking along the path and later, the photographers came out in full force.

I loved the color and the contrast between the natural and the industrial, man-made elements.

I had wanted a photo of the iconic Portland sign with the deer.
It was beautiful at every turn.
I was also celebrating the blue sky and no rain.  We were lucky to have very little of our trip impacted by rain.
We, of course, were super early to the Saturday Market, a street fair that includes vendors with all kinds of art and items.  We decided to go back to a bar we saw a couple of blocks away and watch some basketball while we waited for more vendors to open.  In the process, we discovered the bar had Scottish eggs on the menu.  It was something we had never tried, but ended up taking a chance and really liking them.
After we shopped the Saturday market and walked around some more, we went back to Chinatown. 
We happened on this cute little store with this modified bike parked out front.  First, when did we stop using the word haberdashery and why?  That's a great word!  Second, I wanted to buy everything in the store.  They carried design supplies and these amazing handmade carpenter's aprons.  I wanted an apron so bad for no reason other than they were a rustic type of beautiful and still felt functional.


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