Thursday, June 12, 2014

Asheville in the spring - unleash the plant geek

 We are still sorting through pictures from our spring adventures and I came across some of my favorites from our trip to Asheville this spring.  We returned because we loved our trip in December and we had a free hotel night to use.

We did so much in the short weekend.  Some of my favorite stops had plants at the center.  In fact, I think that my husband actually said, "unleash the plant geek" when I started to go crazy about something.

We decided to make an afternoon of the Asheville Botanical Gardens because we could tour the gardens and do some hiking.

One of my favorite "rooms" was this quilt garden.  The pansies were planted so perfectly.  You couldn't really get the full effect until you went to the higher level to view it.
 See what I mean!?  Beautiful and precise. 
Wisteria.  Cool, right?
 And then you figure out it is in the bonsai garden!  A miniature....really lovely!
 We also hiked some of the trails.  I loved the tall trees.  The weather was great so we could take our time and just enjoy the day.
 This container was at Sunny Point Cafe - one of our favorite restaurants of both trips. I am a big fan of succulents and loved the plants and the contrast of the different colors of green against the white container.  Cool
One of the best things about Sunny Point is the garden in the back.  The restaurant has a farm-to-table approach and you can see that they grow some of their ingredients right next door!  We finished our late lunch and then went to just relax in the garden.  We selected a couple of chairs in the shade and took in the whole place. (I mean, they have bowling balls as garden accents.  Love it!)
Here was our view from our chairs.  Check out the garden boxes on the fence - what a great idea for maximizing a small space!
 We were also inspired by the various ways they created vertical gardens with hog and cattle panels.  Loved the sunshine arch. 

We were inspired in so many ways...maybe it was because we had just enjoyed such delicious food.

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