Sunday, June 15, 2014

What is in bloom

 This afternoon was a great chance to see what was blooming in the yard and garden. 

I was surprised to discover the pink geraniums on the planters on the east side of the house. 

You see, we stumbled into a great deal with our local FFA chapter.  At the end of the school year, the students offered all of the leftover plants in their greenhouse for a free will donation.  We selected several flats to help round our the flowers gardens and containers and to replace some of the plants that were damaged with a late frost.

So, our purchases were a little bit of a leap of faith.  We didn't necessarily know the color of blooms.  This was such a pleasant surprise - the delicate pink with the darker pink edge of the petals.

 I am also reminding myself of the simple beauty of the classic combination of spike, asparagus fern and red geraniums.  This grouping never disappoints.
The garden is starting to bloom, too.  These blossoms are on our cucumbers - the bright yellow is so wonderful!

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