Sunday, May 18, 2014

Plant geek: Oregon adventures continued, Portland Japanese Garden

A stop on this year's trip to Portland was the Japanese Garden.  We missed it the last time we visited and it had been on our wishlist.

We hoped for good weather for the day we had planned to visit and while it was cool, the sun was shining and we had a pretty clear day.

We started by touring the Rose Garden.  It was so early in the growing season that there was little blooming in the way of roses.  Yet, the views were pretty amazing and we liked seeing the layout of the garden.

We then ventured up, and by up, I mean up hill on this gorgeous winding path to the entrance to the Japanese Garden.  It was beautiful and serene.

The property consisted of five "rooms" or styles of gardens.  We took our time and walked around.

This garden was one of my favorite stops.  I loved the form and the beautiful blossoms.

Then, you walked around a corner and saw this view to remind you that you were still in the city, yet you felt so removed and protected.
 There were plants in bloom!  I loved seeing the color after a winter that seemed to last forever.
This was one of my favorite blooms - perfect and delicate.

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