Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oregon adventures continued: Voodoo Doughnuts

We approached our trip to Oregon like every trip we plan, with strategy!  We start by talking about all of the "must see or must do" items on our list.  Then, we talk about the things that might work into our plan. Then, we leave somethings open to chance.  I am much better at the planning and less comfortable with the "by chance" idea.  There are some non-negotiables in this area - like choosing a hotel.  I always need to know where I am staying that night.

So, we were both doing our research and my husband reminded me that we had to go to Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland.  We had watch something on them on the Food Network and decided it was a "must see." 

We learned that they had a few locations and the Old Town location (near Chinatown) was right next to the Saturday, Market, another item on my "must do" list.

We took out walking early in the morning because we get up freakishly early on vacation.  Add the time difference and the time change happening while we were traveling and we could have been there early enough to help them make the doughnuts!  The plus to all of this, no lines!
 I loved the funky little joint with the pink boxes and the rotating case of donuts.  I tried the Bacon Maple Bar and loved it.  (It was kind of like the Maple Bacon Bar at Varsity Donuts.  I think in a competition, I would give the edge to our hometown favorite - Varsity. The difference, the bacon.  Plus, I like that Varsity uses donuts instead of doughnuts.  Is that a regional thing?)
We enjoyed sitting outside on the picnic tables, just eating donuts and watching people.  We saw some colorful people!

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