Friday, May 16, 2014

Jam pan!

 Earlier this week, I was super excited to see that I had a delivery at the house.  We were about to leave for a short run, but I insisted on opening the box first.

My husband was curious about what I had ordered and I was building it up and telling him how happy I was that "it" had finally arrived.  So, when I opened the box, he responded with an unimpressed, "What is that!?"  And, I yelled back that it was a jam pan!

He then teased me for the entire two mile run about being excited for a jam pan. We also decided that it sounded like some weak attempt for a hip name for an outdoor music festival. "Jam Pan." 

 I kept telling him about all of the great features - the pour spout, measuring lines inside of the pan, the non-reactive surface, the size, how it heats evenly, etc.  I also told him about the great sale price and free shipping!  I am not sure he is nearly as excited, but I am sure I can win him over if I can actually make something with it.

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