Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saints in residence

We visited family in Colorado over spring break and during our time there, we spent an afternoon browsing an antique store a few blocks from where we were staying.  There were so many things that were interesting and we had a great time roaming around.

At nearly the last booth, my husband and I were both intrigued by a number of things this vendor had on display.  Two items, high on a shelf at the back of the booth, captured my attention - two statues that appeared to be hand carved saints.  I loved the simple, yet stately look of these folk art pieces.

I have this test that I use when I see something I like and think I might buy it.  I have to leave the item and walk around.  If I keep thinking about it, then I know it was more than a passing whim and I go back and pick it up.  

Well, these two made the cut.  I considered buying just one, but could not bear the thought of separating the pair.  I am glad that we brought both home with us.  They are now our saints in residence.

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