Monday, May 21, 2012

Plant geek: hollyhocks

The flowers continue to bloom in truly spectacular fashion this spring.

My husband and I took a really long walk yesterday.  This seems to be a tendency - we take off for a walk that turns out to be a much longer distance than we intended.  You might remember my post - When a walk becomes a hike.  This time, we thought our route was around six total miles and it turned out to be eight!

Despite the extra distance, the time was very enjoyable.  We had the chance to talk, enjoy the mild weather, and to enjoy nature.  I discovered an old limestone house that my husband swears I always knew was there.  We saw an old pickup rusting in a fence row that neither of us had seen before.  We both got the daylights scared out of us when a wild turkey flew up out of a ditch near us.  I also saw that a neighbor has hollyhocks blooming and that got me thinking.

We have hollyhocks on the south side of our garage.  I never walk on that side of the garage unless I am weeding this particular flower bed or we are working on a project and that is the shortest path to the garage for forgotten supplies.  What if our hollyhocks were blooming and I was missing the show?

Well...they are blooming!

I found this variety in a mail order seed catalog and loved the dramatic deep purple/black blossoms.  These plants have continued to go to seed and migrate around the flower bed.  I really love them, and so do the bees.


Heritage Hill Homestead said...

I was really surprised when my hollyhocks started blooming so early this year! I am thinking they are usually blooming around 4th of July. I have several colors, but none as pretty as this dark one. Just beautiful!

Prairie School Farms said...

Thanks! We were so surprised by this variety and really look forward to it blooming every year. Hope all is going well for you.