Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden update

 We are enjoying a much needed rain this evening.  My flowers and garden plants needed the relief, though my husband has been helping them along with some water on a regular basis.

We got on the ball this year and put out some of our decorations.  The entrance to the garden has one of my favorite old chairs that I bought for $1 at a yard sale, a painted sign from Wal-Mart clearance and a rooster from Target, also on clearance.  The insect hooks on the fence are from one of my favorite home decor stores and were super affordable.

I really love the feeling of this entry way before you are in the larger portion of the garden.  The walkway has some limestone rocks and walk-on-me plants like miniature thyme (and a few weeds, too, but who's counting).

On a mission for spray paint for a project, I stumbled on some of the healthiest and best cared for plants of the season.  A local hardware store had some excellent varieties and all were in great condition.  I picked up a few things to round out some planters and to add to the garden.
 I also found this beauty - boxwood basil.  This might not be a new variety, but it is new to me.  I love the dainty leaves and can't wait to try it with the star of our garden - tomatoes!
 We have a few baby tomatoes on the vine.  My family standard of garden success, passed down for generations, is to have the first ripe tomato by July 4.  Will we make it?
The lantana (sunrise rose improved variety) is one of my new favorite container plants.  We installed some of these in the concrete planters near the garage and I am loving how they look with some Mexican heather and sanvitalia (million suns variety).

All of these beauties will look refreshed tomorrow after this wonderful rain.  Happy day!

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