Sunday, September 11, 2011

Five reasons

There are five reasons I wanted to post this picture.

5.  It feels like fall.  We finally have a little relief from the heat and the cooler evenings and nights are most welcomed.  This little guy was sunning himself on our back door on one of the cooler mornings.

4.  I am fascinated my little things.  Anything in miniature is just so darn cute.

3.  We have these tiny frogs everywhere around our yard.  They like to climb our windows at night.  It's a curiosity and cheap entertainment.

2.  I have a new camera and this is one of the first (and few) pictures I have taken.  My camera is a used Nikon purchased from a friend in Texas.  It's arrival was sandwiched between vacation and the fall schedule launching into full swing.  I have no idea what I am doing - save a very generous lesson from my friend, Laura.  Conventional wisdom tells me that the only way to learn is to practice.  This photo is practice.

1.  This photo reminds me of my niece, McKenzy who is celebrating her birthday today.  She's frog crazy.  If she had seen this little guy, she would have adopted him.  Happy birthday, kid!

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