Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Fair

We had the chance to go to the Kansas State Fair this fall.  The State Fair is one of my favorite early fall activities.

We worked for my job for eight hours on a Saturday and then made a mad rush to grab food and see some of my favorite things.

Luckily, several of my favorites are in the same building - The Pride of Kansas.

The butter sculpture is always very fun.  This year's featured monkeys riding sheep - kind of bizarre and yet likable.  It's amazing to think about the time put into this art and how the artist can incorporate so much detail!  Imagine 700 pounds of butter!
I love to see the produce.  The pumpkins and squash had great fall colors!
Who doesn't love the largest pumpkin!?!
So, onions.  Not too exciting, but check out that gorgeous purple ribbon.  My past 4-H member heart is beating faster.  Love this stuff!
And, honey!  One of our favorite Kansas products.  I aspire to be a bee keeper - it's on my lifetime goal list.

And, the food.  If you go the the Kansas State Fair, go to the food stand and enjoy a bierock and an apple dumpling.  Delicious!

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