Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cool find: Soho Interiors

If you are in Topeka in the near future, stop by Soho Interiors.  Located off the beaten path, it is worth it to have a great shopping experience and to find some unique items for your home and for gifts.

I didn't find it by driving around.  A friend didn't recommend it.

This is where I say with some embarrassment,

"I had a Groupon."

Insert husband chuckling at me.

I bought a wide variety of things.  Some I can't show off because they are designated as gifts and of the approximately six people who read my blog, these are the people who might be the recipients of said gifts.  So, here are a couple I plan to keep.

 Art Cards for Baby by Wee Gallery.  Think of high contrast flash cards made out of board book material.  For this set, one side has the animal in white on black with the animal name.  The other side has the animal in black on white with the sound.  There are a variety of these sets - sea, garden, jungle, pets, and more.  I brought home the farm theme.

I have an idea for a project with the cards.  And, I really want the garden set.  These make me really happy - love the design and the subject.
And, these little beauties.  These white glass balls with black letters have so much potential and I don't have a really good idea for them yet.  They found a place in a vintage ice bucket and made their way to our coffee table.  Still not sure this is the final way I want to display them.

They had to come home with me since I loved them at first sight.  I walked around the store about one hundred times and kept coming back to them.

More on shopping and projects later.

Shop Soho Interiors, 3129 SW Huntoon in Topeka.

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