Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kansas Adventures: The Granada

My great driving adventures last week took me first from home to Bartlesville, OK and back again.  Then, from home to Olpe, KS and back to Manhattan.

On the return trip, I took part of my lunch hour to stop at The Sweet Granada in downtown Emporia.  Two cute little shops bookend the restored Historic Granada Theatre.

The Sweet Granada is a very cute and very small chocolate cafe that sells handmade gourmet chocolates.  The cases are filled with lovely items of all kinds of goodies dipped in chocolate.

As a treat for the office staff, I bought some twice dipped cherries and some chocolate covered graham crackers.  The later happens to be a favorite of my husband, so he got a few, too.

They also had homemade fudge available by the pound.  They were glad to mix and match so I could take advantage of the buy a pound and get a half pound for free.  We enjoyed sampling several of the different kinds.

It was fun to see a hometown shop with offerings so delicious and beautiful.  If you are in Emporia, stop by - 805 Commercial.  

Need incentive to buy?  They have a Chocoholic rewards punch card.  Earn one punch for every $5 spent.  Fill the card and get $5 off your next purchase.

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