Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Plant geek: summer blooms

We have really tried to add some diverse flowers to our yard so that we have something blooming from spring to fall. You know from earlier posts that I am a huge spring flower fan, yet many spring flowers bloom for such a short amount of time. That leaves a lot of months without color.

We added a flower bed to the south of our driveway. We wanted summer blooms and a high tolerance for drought and full sun. We have a mixture of several different types of plants and have some great color happening now.
The purple coneflowers are especially pretty.

They are pretty and plentiful!

We have some black-eyed susans and more white coneflowers, some daisy looking flowers and more.

The birds really love the coneflowers in the fall. They spend a lot of time pulling out the seeds. The butterflies and bees are also attracted to these flowers. All of the activity around this bed makes it a great part of the yard.

Last night's light was really pretty and I couldn't resist showing off these plants. Can't help the plant geekiness.

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