Saturday, July 2, 2011

Favorite gift

Earlier I posted about wrapping gifts for some staff members who were leaving my office. Not wanting to spoil the surprise, I didn't talk about what was under the wrapping - as if they read my blog, but just in case.

The book is Where will you be five years from today? by Dan Zadra. It was recommended by my friend Mary, who is the queen of cool finds.

The book is boldly designed and full of great quotes and important questions. It is my favorite book for people in transition - graduating, changing jobs, questioning next moves, and more.

This is a sample of the fun and bold design with great topics to really get you thinking.

Portions of the book are in workbook format. Though it is not my style to write in books, this book and a journal would be a great combination.

Even if you are not in transition, but maybe feeling a little stuck, this book is a great choice. And, couldn't we all benefit from asking ourselves where we will be in five years? And, then the real question - so, what are you doing about it?

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