Monday, July 11, 2011

It's hot outside!

With temperatures soaring above 100 degrees, it's been hot! Add on the Kansas humidity and being outside is not fun for anyone.

Our alpacas are especially susceptible to heat stress and that requires us to keep a close eye on them during this time of year. We refill water often and spray down their bellies and legs to keep them cool.

When we first bought Scout and Blue, we would put a sprinkler in the pen. Scout was a huge fan.

He would dance and stomp over the sprinkler.

His next move was to lay as close to the sprinkler as possible.

He was very content to enjoy the cool down.

Not much has changed. Scout is the first in line for the spray down. He is content to be soaked. Now that the grass is gone from their pen, he will roll in the dirt for a nice mud coating. He's left looking pretty silly, but at least cooler.

Thank goodness for small things that give relief in the heat. And, thank goodness that our fiber mill washes the fiber really well. Our boys can be a muddy mess.

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