Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fence posts

Between my drive to and from work and our walks on the country roads, I have started to look at fence posts. The hedge posts are my favorite. I can admire a well-made five wire fence with steel posts at the appropriate distances. These are the fences I want around land I own to keep livestock where they are meant to be. For general gawking, I like the old withered hedge posts with character.
I noticed these wildflowers next to this corner post and couldn't help but stop on the road and take a photo. Two things I love - two symbols of the prairie.
On our walk turned hike, we saw this cute bird and I loved the composition of the tiny bird on the massive post. It reminded me of the squirrel we caught last spring perched on the top of the fence post in our backyard.

This little squirrel entertained us one night. I also love seeing the corn field in the background just as the seeds had emerged. To see it now, it's hard to believe that was just a couple of months ago.

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Home on the Range Exchange said...

Enjoyed this post.(No pun intended) I'm glad that there are other people that appreciate these the simplistic beauty and history of a fence post.