Saturday, July 6, 2013

Celebrating Independence Day

 My husband and I celebrated Independence Day with a morning run on the Konza Prairie.  Earlier this summer we made a list of activities we wanted to check off the list before the end of the summer, and running at the Konza was near the top.  We felt like we had been taking this really beautiful place for granted.

The last time we hiked at the Konza, we accidentally got off the trail and ended up putting in a few extra miles.  This time around, we decided to run the 4.4 mile trail and we studied the map before we left.
 The views were beautiful.  We were blessed with cloud cover and a slight breeze which made for really nice temperatures.  It was just past peak wildflower season, but there were a few blooms here and there.
We actually put in nearly five miles when it was all said and done.  Even with our advance study session on the maps, we still had a wrong turn or two, which meant a little back tracking.  We also ran the trail "backwards," which meant the hills were a little less kind.  Who says Kansas is flat?

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