Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kitchen gadgets

My husband celebrated his birthday this month.  I always struggle with finding something creative for his gift.  This year, I found the perfect gift - a Zoku slush and shake maker.  We already have the quick pop maker and really like it.  The slush and shake maker works in a similar way - you freeze the cup, pour in the liquid, stir it every 60 seconds, and in around seven minutes, you have a slushie or a shake.  Magic!

I am usually really skeptical about kitchen gadgets.  I love them and can easily be talked into buying them. Then, I have buyer's remorse when I feel guilty for having something we don't use and begin to think that the item junks up our kitchen and crowds our cupboards.

Our good experience with the other Zoku product made me think we had a winner.  I was so excited to have an idea I knew he would love.  It was all was going well until I placed the order and found out that they were on back order and would not arrive in time for his birthday.  When they finally did ship, we had only one in the box, though the packing slip said there were two included.  Geez. I can't win.

We do have one Zoku with a permanent space in our freezer - the second on the way.  My husband likes it - birthday gift success.  He is already talking about all the different variations of slushie he wants to try.


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