Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vintage Treasures Market

Today was a huge adventure for us.  We set up at our first major event to sell some of my husband's hand-painted signs, repurposed furniture and other items.  The Vintage Treasures Market was held in Emporia at their mall and was highly supported by Sudio 11.  (We fell in love with their store last January.) 

We were super excited to see how our items would be received and I was also super excited to get some things out of our house - we have been bursting at the seams.

We had more success than we could ever imagine.  The crowd was consistently strong in numbers and also super friendly.  We ran into people we knew, met some great new people, and also learned from other vendors and customers who had similar interests.

The first hour was a mad house!  I asked my husband how much time had passed since the market had opened and he said only 47 minutes.  We had sold so much and were trying to hold items for people, help people who wanted to pay, respond to questions, and rearrange the booth so it looked nice.  Whew!  We were so thankful to have my mom's help during the whole day, especially when we ran out of receipts and needed more singles (and a Starbuck's run).

We learned so much!  The next time we set up, we will be better prepared about what to pack and we will have a better idea about what might sell.

Overall, it was an awesome, awesome day.  We were so happy with the turnout, our sales, and the great people we met.

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Home on the Range Exchange said...

I really want to see some of his creations in person soon!