Thursday, June 27, 2013

After the storm

 We had a wonderful thunderstorm tonight - amazing lightening, rumbling thunder, and a lot of rain.  We had a few pieces of hail, but nothing too severe and no wind.

After the rain stopped, we were amazed at how light it was outside, though it was nearly 9 p.m.  We decided to get a better look by venturing out.

The entire yard was washed in this amazing light.  I did nothing to edit these photos, just tried to capture what we were seeing.  Unfortunately, my photography skills are inadequate to get great photos, but you get the idea.  Coupled with the sunset, the sky made for a really pretty backdrop.
 Our backyard and the hill beyond looked so lovely.
Our wildflowers in the bed next to the driveway were especially striking in the light.  I enjoy seeing these flowers this time of year and appreciate that they are so hardy.  We get to appreciate their beauty without having to fuss over them - a must with our busy life.

So, tonight, we are thankful for the rain to keep our yard and garden growing, a beautiful thunderstorm that was powerful, but not damaging, and the lovely light to help us appreciate our little acre.


V said...

That was amazing light.

I was the winner of the yarn you donated to the Jennifer Hill auction. I love, love, love the yarn and am Ravelry shopping for the perfect pattern.

Prairie School Farms said...

So happy that you won the yarn! Please send us a photo of your project. We love to see the yarn transformed into cool projects.