Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Ferry Building

 The Ferry Building is one of my favorite places in San Francisco.  I was so excited to be able to show my husband this really cool building full of great restaurants and shops, mostly centered around food. It truly is a foodie's dream!

On our first night in San Francisco, we made our way along the Bay to the Ferry Building with the hopes of finding dinner and buying a few supplies for the week.

A few years ago, I stayed across the street from the Ferry Building while attending a conference.  When we had a break, I would run over and enjoy all of shops, including the farmer's market that sets up outside of the building on certain days of the week.

I was really happy to be back and it was mostly because of the Cowgirl Creamery.  This cheese shop was featured years ago in a magazine and I had saved the article just in case I ever made it to San Francisco.  When I did, I looked it up and was not disappointed. We love cheese and I was sure that my husband would love seeing so many different varieties.
 We had a great time sampling several kinds of cheeses and hearing the staff member make recommendations.  We settled on three different types of cheese - all delicious.  We also picked up a loaf of fresh bread from the Acme Bread Company and a bottle of wine at the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant.
 Our dinner that night was at Mijita.  The tacos included freshly made tortillas and great fillings.  I fell in love with the light fixtures.
We returned to the Ferry Building for lunch on Tuesday before we left for Napa.  We had the best hamburgers from Prather Ranch.  This lunch counter is right next to the butcher shop and everything is fresh and sustainably raised. We had the best black cherry cola made with cane sugar.  I was in heaven since I have given up regular soda.  It was such a treat!

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