Friday, April 12, 2013

A sure cure for spring fever

 This winter has been lingering on and on and on.  We got a bit of a reprieve from the cold and gloomy weather over spring break.  My husband decided that we needed a vacation and some time in San Fransisco and Napa would be a good adventure for us.

We really had a quick trip in mind - five days with two of them for travel. This was no problem for us because we usually jam as many activities into our vacations as possible.  We are incurable achievers - a to-do list even on vacation.

We had multiple travel adventures and even with all of the frustration and missteps, we kept our good humor and made good memories.

There were so many highlights - good food and wine, beautiful country and just time together.  One of my favorite aspects of the whole trip was getting an early view of signs of spring - spring flowers, trees in full bloom, and green plants!  We also got a little snowfall back in Kansas while we were away. We felt really fortunate to have warmer temperatures.
No matter where we went, there was something beautiful in our view.  This tree was one of many in downtown Napa.
These beauties were in the garden area near Chef Michael Chiarello's restaurant and store in Yountville.
I loved this drapey, romantic pergola - what a statement for an entrance.  This entryway was just off the main street in Yountville. 

My husband and I learned that our incurable achiever characteristics in combination with the time difference meant that we were awake and out and about early.  We were in Yountville before most things were open.  Ok, we were there before everything except the French bakery and a coffee caboose were open.  We even walked into a staff meeting in this cute antique store, mistaking the unlocked door and the light on for being open.  We apologized like fools and backed out of the shop.

More vacation adventures coming soon!

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