Saturday, April 13, 2013

A beautiful Saturday

 Today was a beautiful day!  My mom and I started the morning by participating in a 5K race.  It was chilly, but lovely.  Everyone was really friendly and the race with my mom was a great way to not only start the day, but also her birthday weekend.

After finishing our run, I drove home to finish chores and get ready for a workshop in Manhattan.  Mom was kind enough to ride along for the day and we enjoyed some lunch before I met up with my group.

After the workshop, we took our cameras around campus to capture some of the spring foliage.

Then, we took off for Wamego to take in the Tulip Festival, an annual spring celebration with an arts and crafts fair, food vendors, music and more.
 One of the surest signs of spring is the forsythia in bloom.  I actually am able to see these blooms from my office window.
There are few tulips blooming, except for these white tulips near my parking lot at work.  It is always a little disappointing when the tulips are not in bloom for the Tulip Festival because they are pushed along too early or too late because of the weather.  These white blooms made it right on time and we hope the purples and reds follow soon.

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