Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A birthday celebration

 My mom and I celebrated her birthday on Sunday!  It was a fun day that started with lunch at Blanc Burgers and Bottles in Kansas City.  My husband and I count this restaurant among our favorites.

Mom and I enjoyed some kobe burgers, house made pickles, sweet potato fries, and sodas.  Delicious!

And, check out the little shopping cart that held the fries.  This might be my favorite thing about this place!

We opted to head right to the theatre instead of walking around The Plaza.  I thought we had plenty of time, but just to be safe, we should get a head start. It was a good thing we took off right away because parking was a mess!  We did find a space and made a speedy walk to our seats.
 We took in Mary Poppins and it was charming and delightful.  This show is the first show that I ever saw on Broadway and it holds a special place in my heart.
We did get a picture together at the restaurant.  It is important to make the disclaimer that every time I have someone else take my picture, we end up with something strange - heads cut off, person photo bombing us, and in this case, a bar that seems to come out of my head. We did get a picture, though!

Happy birthday, mom!

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